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tnese rules alone, there are several other hints and suggestions upon the subject
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able through the latter method of investigation. The findings
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bi come mothers — particularly in the earlier months of pregnancy. When a woman,
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abihty to utiHze starches, but what factors, in turn, are respon-
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observation of Dr. Frank S. Meara^ and the late Theodore
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is upon a slide, it is much more convenient for examination, and, if
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while others were regarded as furnishing an index of special
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bian principalities ; but, as far as our imperfect information goes, it
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children — four girls and one boy ; all the four girls had ' chorea,' three of the
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are unaffected in all cases where the inflammation of the mem*
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3. On the Development of Striated Muscular Tissue. By Wzlbov
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accumulation of waste and dead animal and vegetable matter — the blood and offal
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monly responsible for the production of an enteritis of this type
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nature has taken place, and dyspepsia or other diseases of the stomach have
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possible downward progress and loss of tolerance through pan-
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of these 1 in 6*6 was sterile. Sir James Simpson had the census
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apply three t. I the inflammation is completely reduced. To prevent
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The powerful muscular contraction of the heart is so great that when placed on
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fever, pain, and swelling. The venereal variety is slow, chronic, and
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before admission she had vomiting, and labour-pains set in. Some
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The lung was condensed and flattened. Nothing particular was noted
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Past History. — No previous attacks of rheumatism. Twelve
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