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data in the use of this vaccine in civil groups. The Army

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every attempt to motion as attempting a change of posture

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The mouth is terminal and simple the vulva is placed close behind the

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ephebic problems. In his psychonomic recapitulatory impulses

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vere spasmodic coJic but without the intervals of complete

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They are due to failure of the repression whereby the sexual

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There was a record in this case of repeated attacks followed by

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the faradic current may be employed though obviously that should

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an alkaline cathartic in the beginning of the disease and repeat

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SfNCE a certain extensive therapeutical scepticism lias

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they are all delivered on the side. After the labor

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Dr. Henry T. Bahnson Secretary and Treasurer transferred his

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heart a swallowed needle for example in the dog or cat a piece

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cine in the University of Pennsylvania Physician to the

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with hand or finger in the rectum. Finally all other

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tion with the flat thoracic lesion by bending the head strongly for

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of hemlock chervil they are white with very little smelL

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The shells either in fine powder or calcined or made

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surprise. The operation was at first looked upon as a trivial

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i of a grain at a dose ordinarily in combination with com

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the supposedly healthy and the widespread education of the public

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indicate that the atypical characters are assumed after the cells reach


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