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irritation. The history does not mention it at all
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pulmonary phthisis. These are all aggravated by catching cold atmos
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about eight hours previously and water was being passed freely.
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Perforation is followed by peWtoJiffe. In a few cases the situa
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was no slipping and they have the advantage that if they
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its coagulating power. The number of white corpuscles is increased and
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experienced physicians. Careful examination of all the circumstances
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petent sanitary ennrineer. Tius could not recall to life the dead
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disposed to sweating and as soon as this effect was
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fail to exercise a beneficial influence. The endermic application of
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mercury on this organ was shown. The good general health enjoyed
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ihere is diminution in the size of other mu.scles. The muscles of
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severe an attack might be venerial excitement would almost in
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Cambridge are the six following specimens and casts.
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slops especially that produced by the washing of infected
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creation of such institutions and everywhere the appeal is met chiefly or
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tack administer the treatment at third hour intervals
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If it be necessary to resort to artificial feeding cow s milk affords
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cases it is impossible to obtain a negative Wasser
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entirely recovered. To another horse eight grains of morphia
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Aufrecht reports a case of cerebro spinal meningitis with low tem


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