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The illustrations and plates throu hout the book are not numer

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other foreign substances and to furnish the substances out of

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shall pay annual dues amounting to one half the annual dues of an

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experienced a severe fright first noticed symptoms of the disease

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muscle joins with it in depressing vitality and the muscle quickly

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agreed as to their pathological nature. To this class of primary lymphatic

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obvious reasons. Attempts to diminish the blood pressure

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both sides are greatly wasted but the infraspinatus seems

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or the patient s home without the assistance of another

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prescribed are not judiciously administered. With these premises

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to bid you welcome once more to this city where the Amer

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number of viable organisms in such material is as a rule small and

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former case or in natural small pox for example the more usual

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at Fig. where concentration of surviving bacteria is plotted against

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Microscopic Examination. The suprarenals were entirely

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transportation estrum fright hypertrophy of the heart

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trical excitability generally remains unmodified though the nerves with

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than we find it to be in the present day. Sydenham considers

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trary to the generally received opinion this disease is not one

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But something more may be said upon the practical bearings


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