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heated to bright redness the metal becomes case hardened or
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exercises the intelligent control of the body or manifests the elements of
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desired to cleanse the apparatus the inner cylinder may easi
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physical signs are sallow or muddy skin usually dry
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tained that in this patient the cervical canal was sufficiently patulous
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recently occurring in India so says the Indian Medical
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at Lyons with Chauveau at its head. These results reported in
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With these few remarks the General Meeting adjourned.
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EvERSiON OF THE Yagina OR WoAEB. The former may oc
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reference to Fengers s work or to the anatomical re
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ously ill but we are glad to report his convalescence.
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the other serous membranes with glairy viscid fluid.
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aggravated by treatment. Untreated cases in which jaundice and its
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Later according to circumstances the quantity of bread is increased
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individuals dying of septicemia pyemia erysipelas abscess inflamed
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Special volumes of the proceedings were published from to.
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tation of the sensation as something other than pain
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tions of which to cerebrospinal meningitis are still to be determined
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research of Mr Duncan cannot be accepted as a satisfactory
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coated the wound well and prevented foetor. In another case
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studies have been made. Our experiments have been confined almost
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relative proportion of the various forms of leucocytes have been noted
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remedied. The faculties of intelligence have brightened up considerably and
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plasma clearance and dosage regimens of the various
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Of Thorburn the New York Baptist Examiner for January
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The Society met at o clock A. M. at the Phenix Hotel
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Three drops of the i solution of adrenaline hydrochloride taken by
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elongated and permanent injury results. It has been said
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rather than high vascular excitement. It may be slated moreover as
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When the child was brought to the hospital the following symptoms were
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VL p. distinctiy refer to tetanic symptoms as prominent phenomena.
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several smaller operating rooms and the necessary prepa
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It has been asserted from time almost out of mind that malaria does
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fall. It was found possible to keep the blood fluid for nearly


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