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stantly increases in the successive generations of all

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linea alba a litde below the xiphoid cartilage it has a circumference about

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to be temporarily blind. The convulsions may follow each other at consider

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because of unvarying quality integrity of materials and work

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dense capillary network where it undergoes various changes or modi

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Upper Shire River and the south end of Lake Nyassa as

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In some schools the memory is chiefly cultivated and children

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and even to little knots of varicose vessels. Round the capillaries

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tubes and alveoli of the lung. As long as the bronchitis is comparatively

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stout rounded rostellum carrying from forty to sixty booklets set on

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three ligatures were now cut short and the pedicles dropped in

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the several sets of conditions concerned in diphtheria is as follows

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acting vehemently stopped in its beat. He remembered no

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scholarships in anatomy and physiology value. each are

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appeared before the material for the second number had been

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caliber and shorter than usual. The child was also paler than in

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i need not say that I have seen the eflicacy of thifi

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tic and infecting the woman by absorption through some

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for aught he knows may find himself suddenly placed as defendant

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availing himself of some of the opportunities for post

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been noticed in military epidemiology e.g. the tendency of measles

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sanity in about nine per cent. which however is not more

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and unless we ascertain by experiment or by calculation based on the

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not be deluded with the idea that we can abort the malady or

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Symptoms. The disease is often preceded by a period

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