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evacuation of the overloaded vessels it takes place from some

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general cause and the electricity should be applied

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the vault of the skull near the median line about an inch

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count for the somewhat diminished quantity. Bright s

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usual lividity and is not confined to the posterior parts of the body.

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forearm and hand slight and occasional at first later

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form cords from which the branches arise thus we have the

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three large vessels the innominate the left common carotid and the

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use of fuchsin or gentian violet dissolved in carbolic acid solution. The staining

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tainly know I can for myself that we have long since learned that

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buboes that show a disposition to become indolent and that do not yield

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and attempt to treat themselves as with homeopathic remedies

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without any effort. It may occur during confinement or in sudden muscular

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a phagocytic theory of immunity but the demonstration that the

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from that organ. He discovered the lymphatics and maintained con

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seases it is because we say tbe secretion may be increased

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line is slightly concave downward and toward the right

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test i. e.f the injection of the bile which we expected to contain

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ally if a rheumatic element was present. Schoenlein

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of ci U e by removal than when the disease is situated

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etc. but oftentimes there is much difficulty on account

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menting the table of a fashionable office than the shelf of a book

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entirely without the science of the present day as we were en

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standing severe myelogenous leukaemias. They also appear as

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cortex shown by the appearance of vacuoles in the cells and a difference

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relation between pathology therapeutics and health are not for our

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to step in and prevent men breeding disease amongst their

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any reason be urged that systematic arrangements if consistent

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tissue showed great numbers of typical treponemas. A loop of cerebrospinal

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ciation will be held each morning including Monday October

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or swellings need to be repressed this compound will be

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claim the glory of the discovery not mentioning the names of


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