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development of his bureau Benaudot joined what he termed

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ryngeal region. Laryngoscopic examination showed the vocal

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ditions which affect the reception of sound in the labyrinth or its conduction

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tions to be submitted for presentation to Congress the resolu

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horse parsley pound it in boiled wine administer to

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to be applied from below upward each strip overlapping about one third

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the blood in an inflamed part dilate the exhalent vessels to

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a thorough knowledge of the technique as well. There are how

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drama in medicine filled with its innumerable actors


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of the conus arteriosus in the second left interspace very common in young

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edge to keep thoroughly abreast of the latest and best in the medical

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tions of the heart action may also be present. Fortunately these

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an attack of diphtheria and that it is often met with

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greatly dilated. The coronary arteries exhibit a few slight and quite circumscribed

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helps to clear the eyesight aud snuffed up the nostrils it

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particularly in elderly or debilitated patients. Severe

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ships or other practical training of the same Icind.

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or less tendency to irritation of the air passages.

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sort in tic douloureux. Trephining the base of the skull

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irregularities in particular cases. For example a patient exhibits

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anatomical argument is based principally upon a comparison of the

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many other manufacturers turned special attention to the new product because

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stance studded in many cases with capillary hemorrhages.


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