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moral advertising was quite as popular then as now.
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gland. Hence contractured conditions of the intercostal mus
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sarily produce sufficient obstruction to cause jaundice. Thus
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feces were like those of a cat. Hind limbs especially in the
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right side especially on movement. Two weeks later he found that
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tender. As the disease advances the animal may become
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other caustic resort being had to a new one in every
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tion to report unfavorably upon the condition of the Deaf
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eight years she had had trouble with her right knee every year.
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for dispoa of tho OBiraga of Patonoo aod Paseaic and by the
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remarkably well and realises his sense of Men itre before the
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disease and finally hysterical stigmata are often present In an occasional
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is a rare and but little known disease often mistaken for syphilis or
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intention at the present meeting to correct errors of procedure so that what
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bony ridge above the line of the acetabular edge of sufficient
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outer canthus by a horizontal incision with scissors. It
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tenderness under pressure of the abdomen without inflammation.
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while with the right he lifts the veil of Isis. At the foot
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tuberculous bronchopneumonia and acute miliary tuberculosis develop
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ries. We have only to commend these parts of the work.
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effected. Valerian in fluid extract or other form tends to quiet the
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of the resorption from the intestine into the blood and its
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by selling adulterated milk. The ordinary way of adulter
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occurs as a distinct affection as in all the infectious diseases
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ting first about three ounces of curdy material and then
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ATiOK over and above that actually used in good faith. This
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absorbed and those which are not absorbed at all. The officinal


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