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tions The introduction of the tubes of Schrotter in acute cases

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the exudation currents and the diminished resistance of the tissues. This

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and, in accordance with that idea, I obtained of Messrs. Otis

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â– Sobel, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1 1 IS . 443 (1934) modified by Hiller (unpublished).

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of the cell that is broader than the cell. They are strictly anaerobic

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Incubate. If gas is formed, continue as with water for

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with the inoculating wire or pipette. To reseal, melt the

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Thompson, M. D., of Providence, was admitted to membership.

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which was diagnosed soon after its first appearance as floating

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cocks, and place a strip of filter paper between the

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eases and the dynamization of medicines, thus leaving the

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but act discreetly, and under a stress of circumstances, and with-

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hind abana

and then are exposed as freely as the men. In diseases of the

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micro-organisms, the diagnosis of spirochetal infections by dark-

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a. Oxygen Expulsion. The medium is heated in vigorously

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despite the bath. After the addition, remove the flask

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lighted room with an artificial source of light for the

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Clinic of Dr. Henry A. Christian, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital page

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nation. In this case the quantities of water and acid

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it became necessary to remove her from the country to narrower

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(Kaiserling's solution No. 2). When the maximum color

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there was no vestige of the disturbance left, and a natural action

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and is gradually raised above the level of the surrounding mucous

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to Strep, pyogenes as a cause of puerperal sepsis. Blood stream

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analysis, taking a sample of 5 ml of urine, instead of 1 ml. The

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(4) Growth only on the half with blood and showing dis-

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cough became more as it had been before, with numerous efforts

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each person, and also that of his family, living or dead, for three

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and neck, and about the wrists, next on the trunk, and lastly on the lower

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The publishers of the above work offer to the medical pro-

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medical histories were unimportant. He had been operated

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between syphihs and tuberculosis of the lungs both chnically

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would have the hardihood to advocate, was faithfully carried

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few days, and this may continue on to the convalescence, when it gradually

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Lastly, at or about the crisis, many patients suffer from a low muttering


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