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lungs is due to sepsis. The signs of the condition are
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has become permanently shortened and thickened at the expense
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first novel Hephzihah Guinness was not published until.
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particularly if the tonsils are specially involved. The examination of the
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except in a few. In these however its progress is rapid owing
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oil of cloves or preferably in xylol and mounted in xylol balsam. By
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and the amount of energy and dedication he devoted to
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against any toxic chemical effort that might have been developed
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The object of these two plans is to eliminate the i etained excrementitious
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was there any difficulty in recognizing the existence of scleroderma but in
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and so on with increase of age or length of service.
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The remedial treatment of stone or the attempt to dissolve
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in the second part of his treatise which he has dignified with the
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I laws rules or regnlntiooB and the President is authoriaad to
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and so satisfied is she with the mode of treatment adopted on the
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are not destroyed certain of them only are accelerated i. e. growth
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The cold bath by increasing the movement of the blood
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cal doctrine. After which the formal ceremonial of confer
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a large number of tumors e.g. cancers of the ovary breast uterus
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before and never offers to molest her. Squirrels and birds come to her
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cogen and other reserves which in addition to its own substance
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what acute nature. The patient was admitted into St. George s
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the intumescent parts shrink and reduction often becomes
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bert of the visceral peritoneum. The rent in the intestine had
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pation. Under the influence di energeuc trsatnent these symptOMS subsided in
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alteration in the blood which is found on necroscopic observation also


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