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hundred cases the mortality was only three per cent.

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to the real value of this method of investigation. Chapter X

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There are forms in which the paroxysm is characterized by coldness and

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office of Superlntendant of the Works and who fell victims to this malignant

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of bile pigment in the intensely yellow blood serum of all severe cases.

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After inoculation the tubes are returned to the station

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the catheter is frequently expelled and local irritation occurs.

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of a proposed remedy for intemperance has been suc

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Voted that two deputy librarians be appointed and that

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care and health related institutions. In CHEP sponsored programs faculty

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and that the national government will have to take hold of it

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said if we have a case with the early symptoms of pregnancy

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the majority of instances it is a secondary affection. Focal infection

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on a supposed risk of dissemination of the disease and

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and the student will be markedly enlightened by the chapters devoted

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for when the lungs once begin to decay giving wasting of flesh

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survive weeks and months after decapitation or even to reproduce

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receive the treatment and while there may be great benefit in

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Chloride of sodium has been found Eedtenbacher to disappear

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at college. But then we all knew that a fellow simply cannot get

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of four weeks from date of operation and at the end of that

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less poisonous possess a similar action. Neurine is more toxic than

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is re established by new channels rd the ligature is


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