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the shortest that the pressure may be exerted from below upward.

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seem indeed to deserve to be regarded as the pathognomic symptom

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to say exactly what is the condition in these cases but it is

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the latter is often by far the more difficult thing to do skilfully.

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men except by the express permission of the Chairman. Whenever it has been

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pecially and some few others until they be proved by further research.

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absence of the brawny induration and characteristic infiltration of the

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sult. Five other guinea pigs which had some time before been

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discovery. He says that after he had satisfied himself that the air

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others that counteract or complement them in some way.

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Strychnia it will be recollected should be commenced cautiously

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Society. The color of the body is a reddish cream brown it is

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better protection against small pox is to my mind a matter upon

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ing off the excess of food and fallowing the stomach free action

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woven very closely with the connective tissue. The striated muscle is of

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sists and impairs the general condition in spite of treat

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The larynx at this time is placed behind the ascending portion

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throughout the Commonwealth to the utter confusion of

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coin sound are those of the pure pneumothorax of Laennec. The metallic

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from this condition without appreciable change in the character

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is propelled into the fundus. This effect under any circumstances is

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medico legal standpoint it acquires great interest as being the pivoted

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of the case. If the inflammation subsides rapidly and

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spend their third month it would probably prove highly bene

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Prognosis. The prognosis is bad as the condition is gener

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grs. XX Essence of turpentine f Jss Essence of ber


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