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munities to acquire the necessary medical manpower to
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cated by ocular paralysis and which may very possibly have been a
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Zeno at the instigation of the Bishop Cyrus published
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presented a brick red colour hepatized and dense in various places with irregular
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rial to the memory of Sir James Y. Simpson. A hospital for the
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in regard to the situation there was not obtainable. The tenth case at
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One guinea pig was autopsied in weeks. All the organs were care
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washing with a disinfecting solution of mercuric bichloride
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cured by the first injection while recurrence takes
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table world and the superior luxuriance of the vegetation of warm cli
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temperature is accomplished in the course of about to hours but the rate
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other drug to act and no remedy except stimulants can be employed
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as and after the completion of digestion not unfrequently as
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injection into the circulation caused a marked rise of blood
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without other complications who interests us. In some of these
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eight internal pulses or those that belong to the radical humidity after
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thing which can be done to stay its wholesale use or abuse would
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interfering and anticipating the menopause. If dysmenorrhoea
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lesser probability in this case than in the others one was
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organism then to pat the tender perhaps denuded surface with
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and varied scenes etc. attention should be directed to the use
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whose primary derangement is of a perfectly pure and some
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to great uneasiness. Sometimes it assumes a real colicky severity and
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The tick theory was presented and boxes of ticks and many other
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Sprat ling L. W. surgeon detached from duty with the Marine


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