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tissues of the lower bowel producing reinfection. The parasite
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had night-sweats. The pulse had ranged between 90 and 110.
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against us, and, although it weighs infinitely more with its read-
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Cathedral I felt chilled, as if cold water was being poured down my back
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possible, and, above all, refrain from taking warm or strong liquors when you are cold.
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tubercle bacilli. The method of preparation follows. The use of
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customary to consider all patients with hypertension, especially
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Let me indicate my meaning by a question : Do we cure
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the wisdom of sharing the responsibilities of necessary procure-
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the paralysis increases, the limbs gradually become quite useless, and
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A book of eight hundred pages. Why this new edition ? The
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her in prison, and had never taken the pains to call on her him-
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effects of trituration of insoluble substances. The misuse of the


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