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I met in consultation my colleague and friend Dr. Horteloup in the case

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which the symptoms have occurred later and the causal relation may

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the most part on the sound side resting upon the crest of

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wrapped in several layers of woolen covering and this when

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and references which appear to be sufficiently ample and accu

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results which caused great astonishment induced Monsieur

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silver nitrate solution will usually enable us to reach

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as Abercrombie Dr. Handfield Jones and Henoch recommend the

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Ut the whole number of syphilitic individuals examin

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edge which may be of advantage in preserving the pub

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vary according to the degree of vaso constriction and

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emphasized the masterly manner in which Liebermeister

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measurements of a complete heart cycle is made for each lead. If

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blood pressure on the metabolic mitritivc processes has

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Destruction of the sick by order of the government was

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is examined at once with an oil immersion lens. When the parasites are

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animals are superior to man. The progressive period of mental develop

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everything leads us to think that the young gametes are influenced by

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has been recommended by some has produced it is asserted unfor

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share in large measure the thoughts and emotions of

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understood has recently received very careful study and the results obtained

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Fowler Gerster and others. But in this as in other de

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ever much they appear to have improved are almost certain to

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other. The result is that a wave strikes the hand at

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Congenital Cystic Degeneration of Both Kidneys. By Dr. Louis

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Delegates who were present at the last Annual Meeting of the

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readily to a slowly interrupted battery current of moderate power. It

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is slightly higher than would be expected from the red cell count

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by the Committee of Council at its meeting on Tuesday the nd of

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A few remarks on the practical management of cases of

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contain many bibliographical references to hydatid disease. Historical references are to be


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