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point I desire to dwell upon viz. the inutility nay the

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points the extent of preparation exacted for admission to the medical

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much more marked and much more rapid than it has been.

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the intestinal lesions of hog cholera are present. Until there is experimental

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causes in the earlier period. The habitual use in some districts of the

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scholars to ride on either side of the horse counse led to

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of infants suffering from this disease. The results of this

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sented himself the right toe was gangrenous and was promptly

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use of iutra ocular injections based on the experimental work of a

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in a position of muscle balance or. Avhen necessary in a position of

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is concerned in the production of local inflammatory exudates. These

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not mutilate our patient and do not forget that this gland is

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Oxford or Cambridge. We shall not be surprised if on the

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The simple facts of the matter are that in the German Army controlled

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to the peripheral distribution of the root fibres the peculiar

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of their medicine. The juices bones secretions excretions and dessicated

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as a public educational institution at which teachers are

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freres of this generation find it at the present time.

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of mental activity is largely determined by the state of the

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Ways and means are being explored that will allow greater participation by

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bing wet sheet to combat the febrile symptoms which occur

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Growth. The lupines wild pea horse beans are found grow

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itely tender to touch with limited function but no deformity or visible objective

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thought it difficult to determine whether this is a true nucleus or a

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ultimately perhaps save us the necessity of again prescribing

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air impurity increased the carbonic acid increased and that

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true scarlatina is present. Septicaemia is occasionally

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and apply the end of the lettered loop marked V to the

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having had typhoid fever. I now make it a rule to vaccinate each

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tion over this region the gurgling is most marked. The movement may be

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ing on the very recent date at whicli this disorder had been described

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with good results. Cattle may now be taken from quarantine

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His vision had not improved when he was seen on September

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the galvanic current applied to the musculo spiral nerve above

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leucocytes are so abundant in the contents of the vesicles that the liquid

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cal conditions and more rationally and successfully

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frequent small doses of Epsom salts as recommended by Lawson

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His studies on sugar logically led Bernard to the investiga

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aemia of this organ stimulates the sexual nerve centres which in

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is higher than in the other two groups. It is to be

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