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The Board of Natural Sciences.Studies has issued a report recom

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was. inch on the th. The extremes of temperature in the

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of opinion seemed to be that each operation had its advantages and limitations

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the five weeks following the first the agglomeration phenomenon can

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The following tables have been drawn up for the purpose of showing the

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scanner image processor camera and coirputer systems. The instrumentation

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Cases ended fatally only when the injection pressure equalled

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atudonts is croditahle to them viewed ns n innttor of loynlry

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there are no pathological grounds for any suljdivision

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to which the colt has been accustomed.. The effect of

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fectly firm and the seton was removed. Some time afterwards Percy of

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Alice Hamilton and others were interested in the industrial

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provided that the doctors were satisfied with negotiations on

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ings. All milk properly aerated in separate buildings.

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best for oxen at hard labor. It is good for cows but

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diminishing severity. Little by little the whoop ceases to be audible

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Mallein is a toxic protein of the glanders bacillus bearing much the same

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ness to accept him at his last bid oo. But Sheraldine is

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with the shock and collapse has hardly heen appreciated.

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the Regents a certificate which will entitle him to register as a veterinary

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found skilfull amp approved by them may by some JMagistrates be

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instructing the Deaf and Dumb was made by a Spanisb

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teaching of anatomy. I have no doubt it is very useful.

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by methods which have but little to do with the reason and

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stupor coma acute nephritis and cystitis. Six drachms of

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Lavey on account of slight scrofulous affections were all given

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of degeneration fibroid changes and tuberculous and syphilitic new

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of the shaft i.e. the surface opposite the handle lies towards


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