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physiological peculiarities of our wards and to intelligently base our

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dicitis as frequently as men. Then again in those cases of obliteration

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When the disease attacks those of shattered constitutions or old

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occur in Basedow s disease. In such a case however the prognosis is

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The book is profusely illustrated and will be found not by

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sis gradually disappeared the child grew brighter and more cheer

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Patient had stone removed from pelvis of right kidney early in

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was seized with pain in abdomen and vomiting which soon became stercoraceous.

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fests itself first in the transverse colon and can be de

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subsided and the inspector has given certificates that the premises have been

tri levlen generic equivalent

cjn are and made some remarks on its source of sup

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with thorough and satisfactory examination in the early days after

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physical powers over taxed and through that overpowering the moral nature perilled.

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should give a savory odor. Good meat has a marbled appearance

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rises over a period of days to weeks. It is often quite

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and leg were relaxed and could be moved in any direction

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successful means which were particularly indicated by the rheumatic afiection

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The sweetest rose of the beautiful May throws out its delightful fragrance from

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that of a young man who fainted when the servant swept his

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there than they are in the portions anterior to this part of the

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two or three case managers are working with the same

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whose treatise on the diseases of women is preserved by Israel

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A horseshoe with mortised recesses for toe and heel calkings

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I he Canibuslang work continued for about months tliat is from the

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as regards the kind of battery that has seemed to be most useful.

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Even the disappearance of intellectual disorder is not a certain sign

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without expecting any return posterity owes some repara


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