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to the whole class the liability to this complication should be always

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ous undertakings. Much of the benefit from tuberculin

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children s hospital management should visit the Evelina Hospital in the

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no instrument without a conscientious certainty of its being as

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or twice in patients who insisted upon going about when in the advanced

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endocarditis. It was present in of the autopsies. Of cases of menin

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being told in writing that it would have the effect of restoring his

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haviog a diameter oonsiderably gre ter than that of

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cide. The general results were that in the case of moist

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clinic of de Buck and Vanderlinden and his own work

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is generally impaired but the digestive function may go on without

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them in the sick room and to watch and record the results.

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altogether absent or their intensity may be greatly increased. The heart

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upon the respiration and circulation is akin to that produced

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Admiralty a highly complimentary letter in which their lordships con

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tlien of that in Strasburg and now of a newly instituted chair in

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it is interesting to learn that some of the writers even of

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disease. The course of each disease is much more favorable and the

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followed after an interval of a month by removal of

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clearer. If improvement is produced at all it is generally very soon

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or else to die. Several were bad alcoholics two were of unsound

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of the United States because it is the worst plague spot upon

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Georgia at its annual meeting held in the city of Atlanta April th

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any success in these experiments. Nodules were sometimes

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cells which had spread out into the medium from the central frag

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tion mixture were diluted with an equal volume of water and after

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to accommodation but sluggishly. The tremor of the muscles

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but at Others indurated. Occasionally there is no alteration whatever

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the kind requires that the operator should have had

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vein and reaches the general circulation by which it is distributed to the

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