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ninety tive instead of eighty six as was stated iu tlie

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the soundest somnambulism. Sulphuric ether on the contrary is very

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as pain whether the head was intended for the brain

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its universities at least half of its hospitals dispensaries homes asylums

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saving or prolonging lives which otherwise would have

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the consequence of resistance to the contractions of the womb which the moving

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tutes the principal difficulty of the method. The proper dLstri

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On the Treatment of Puerperal Convulsions. By B. Fordycb

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Delegates who were present at the last Annual Meeting of the

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will probably increase at an equal or an even larger rate

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The galvanometer showed five degrees of divergence.

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I do not know what he means by displacement you can

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of influences capable of affecting the frequency of the heart beat the

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The lesions are congestion and catarrhal swelling of the mucous mem

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repeated bhstering and a long period of rest. If heat and

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Puppiet catelli. Live puppies split in half and applied

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A fortnight after her delivery patient noticed a numbness

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zations of typhoid and probably also of cholera is one of the

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so that the medical problem would present itself and each officer have

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solubility of crystals in dilute sulphuric acid was remarked and

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fourteen weeks and sick again with remittent fever for

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der such circumstances there is Httle possibihty of producing sat

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of the circulation. When the vessels are plethoric absorption lan

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tora which Hves in galleries on the mucous membrane.

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was called days after the accident and reduced her jaw at

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except when the dilatation is a direct sequel of an infection in

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larged with eight or ten cysts on its surface but there

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to be adjusted and he promptly reverted to his former con

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On seventh day fluctuating swelling just back of wound which

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the cure of irritability of the bladder and urethra.

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