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Association and the American Ophthalmological Associa

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introduced the outer blades of Puller s tracheotomy tube and through them

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cases Koplik s observations as to the former have already been cited. In

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intention of preventing wholly or in part the flow of blood

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Eecent investigations have shown however that this view is entirely

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lyte Visbecq Chef de la Section Technique du Service de Sante et

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different transitions in the mammifers it may become very

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by the rubber adhesive plaster straps as used for laparotomy

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escaped under this convenient disguise. All cases of this kind should be

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have been found and the confusion and doubt remain.

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consent of the patient to remove the whole breast should further investiga

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cation. The darker the hair the lower is exophthalmos. Her symptoms were chieEy

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timent and pathos must yield to logic and common sense

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divide the muscles successively and cut through the

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inflammation they tend to be extensively vacuolated and thus the

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to the enlarged lymph nodes. These after a time may soften

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ered with flannel only the short hot sitz and the Scotch

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which this bone has been dislocated the dislocation has been outwards

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its and should one state enact marriage laws persons

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minion and Provincial Houses at present in session

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tliat organ was perfoftijed by me more than four yeaie

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strength on the part of the surgeon. It had occurred to him that

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the lower exti emities hang pendant. The bone being flexible

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the cause and the only cause of tuberculosis. The same

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A biopsy was made. Operation confirmed the diagnosis.

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anesthesiologists can use in routine practice thus main

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rect idea than that of Mr flunter because we believe wc may

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