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pology, and arehseology. Altogether he is a fellow worker of
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Joachim IS here followed. The rubrics, which should an-
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the wound and was turned up, but, as the tumour could not
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it had exclusively affeatod households suffering from influenza.
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ing caramel, vegetable substances, and methylene. These are
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membrane, and is not digested till it reaches the duodenum,
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the Council of the .-Sanitary Inspectors Association. He characterised the
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situated in one of the finest houses in the cantonment, is in every way a
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substratum of mind. "It is very common," writes Gowers,-!
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Information received from St. Petersburg concerning the presence of
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18tj8), similar to the provisions in Section 17 of the Pharmacy Act of 1890,
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disease some fourteen weeks previously. The outbreak has followed
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for the sick poor, such as " Perplexed Country Doctor " seems to desire
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cell and their width is about a quarter or a fifth of their
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Report of the Committee on Medical Charities. — It was unani-
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16th, Mr. iMilne Watson, one of the Presidents, in the chair.
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Dordrecht, and Burghersdorft, and Lemoenfonlein on the
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ing defects in the law concerning the registration of deaths,
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knowledge of its diseases much beyond the labours of the
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Surgeon and Apothecary ; unmarried, doubly qualified. Salary, £S0
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such authority acting on the advice of the medical officer of
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Jfni^tJ remedies, and furnishes recipes in a form not
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operations were performed. Mr. Mason says the tongue was
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ness of small-pox itself may have changed in the interval.
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de novo, but which seem to have had their beginnings in


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