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ed by the late Dr. Cheyne or combine it with mercury. In

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alluded to face to flice from day to day are quite unable to

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lysis paralysis of external rectus twitching of face rigidity of arms

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cases of posttraumatic ankle arthritis with varus or valgus

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poison capable of inducing a similar disease in other animals

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quantity of black matter thirst great stools pale coloured bui insistent. To

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appointed one half have been present representing six

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The lymphatic system is endowed with feeble sympathies and is

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Prognosis. Pterygium is not very serious and can usually

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several months duration hitherto untreated Fig.. After one month s

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if the physiologist could supply a simple method by which

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impotence is not uncommon. The painful testicle is a well known neuras

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late parts are severed that never again unite the hand

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certain the heat of the blood in horses pigs oxen and sheep.

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treatment and on the selection and training of nurses.

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mittee of this Society and received its official sanction.

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which never has liad the disease or has been complete

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tain muscles by the effects of rheumatism by softening of

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of illicit sale. Everything else must be left to the

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able haemorrhage and one the result of pulmonary embolus.

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suspected calculus and in some cases with admirable effect. But the

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the itch. It is usually found in those portions of the body where


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