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uallj returned to the circulation and on the fifth or sixth

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approved by the Board of Governors. It was based upon

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inversion was started by ill directed pressure upon a flaccid fundus

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of the head stiU greater and the pulse quicker and weaker.

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by itself and he alone is competent to make a diagnosis

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We have seen local physician representation shift from

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tive vision which increased with age and his great work

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would give a daily average of to and from. Allow half

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infiltration also towards the free surface but no distinct remains of

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found in the dropsical Graafian follicle as was shown by Van

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has forwarded us a copy of a string of seventeen questions sent to

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ings health it becomes no less the duty than the privilege of the

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this department though the multiplication of words can hardly prove

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ments may not be above twenty per minute for several days

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and douches are to be avoided but cutaneous stimulation dry or aro

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substances which arise from the prolonged action of i s.

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allowed to remain within the urethra until the next urinary act

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altering the constitution of the bile appears to me very doubtful for

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ten instances of tuberculous and gonorrhoeal joint affections in all

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fashionable and luxurious habits of the opulent citi

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which exerts such a marked influence on this condition will help to

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should therefore be designated lacto albumin. Data obtained with

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sunk from seeing that tliere no sustaining vitality

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caused by a large shell fragment flying nearly parallel with tin long


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