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secretory absence of sweating symptoms are most marked in the last

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usually a slight decrease in arterial tension. There was

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he bore the great physical suffering which it was his lot to

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ered that an enormous proportion were afflicted with scrofulous diseases

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summer. In consequence of this feeling there have been some

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scientific investigation as exist in older and more

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full instructions regarding the technique of operating the same.

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May to about the th of September when their source was cut off

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spasm and the slightest breathing upon his face threw him into a

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Branches in England and we can conceive that societies of this kind

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ity and I did not wish to risk a similar occurrence in my

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Influenza is again appearing at Birmingham and Black

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irregular ulcers to cm. in diameter. The liver showed some cloudy swell

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analysis than the method of merely observing phenomena as

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the said McCullough such person was not a physician

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lymph into which old vessels extend and new ones are formed

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had utuspd her aoiDe aanQjanee jret was nnattanded byaay

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can be put in the paper providing the party is honor

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the c uantitative proportions of these substances present may be esti

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within their specialty. See Annual Report of Committee on

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over the abdomen from the left abdominal region along the line of the

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aggerated. The effects of opium upon the cerebral circulation in

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will at once appear. See his valuable paper Monthly Journal of

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brane. Liver considerably enlarged so that it extended into the left

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tion to aconitine in tic douloureux even in the absence of

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that in doing our small share towards making it more widely known


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