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of the rich and the lowly dwellings of the poor; remember it

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" 1. Every time a large abstraction of blood is practised

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rising in the fore part of the day, obtaining its maximum in

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its present dimensions. At present it is about three inches in

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blade being kept cool by the passage through it of a

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Case III. — E. W. L, Aet. 52, an itinerant preacher, was by

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and coma still continued, but the convulsions occurred at longer

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the Journal de Medecine take the opportunity to give a brief

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mity may easily originate in children by the mere weight of

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contact the patient occurs simply because the staff

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peculiarly distressing bearing-down pains experienced by

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blood lost by leeches, and the dangers attending the loss of


sterno-costal cartilages on the left side, may be taken to

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delay in the onset of effective traditional therapy.

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toms with known and different localisation be present, each

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pathological character closely allied to what -we know causes

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as it must hereafter offer itself to his attention, than by dis-

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Should they be remedies that act most directly upon the

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by the loss of .such terms as " insanity," " lunacy," " alienation,"

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8lh Annual Internal Medicine Update, Univ of Neb at Lincoln Student Union, Lincoln, Neb. Fee: $750. AMA Category

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probably be discovered in the course of time. He made

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duced in the mouth, chemically or otherwise, irritate

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Univ (distributed by State University of New York Press) 1987.

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ternal applications of bichloride of mercury, though they have

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in decreasing morbidity and mortality in this patient

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metformin or a combination of metformin plus a sul-

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Drawings should be made in black India ink on white paper. Used illustrations are returned after publication if

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drop])ed hints or suggestive remarks, by one who was a

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the frog in a slanting position with its head downwards, so that

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III. Ordinary Magnetism. — Upon this branch of the subject

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began at thirteen; always recurs every four weeks; the

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sue may be seen to pass, and to become attached to the

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update of legislative activities and reminded us of the con-

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ings of its meeting, at Benton, held on the 2d Tuesday of

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he continued to have dramatic seizure-like episodes.

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plegia with crossed paralysis of the facial or oculo-motorius

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centrate the highest exercise of diagnostic ability, both

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the process of arterialization." (Materia Medica, pp. 697,

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tincae, but against the fundus and sides of that organ. The

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slight elevation both of pulse and temperature, and a certain

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an unusual absence of sociableness, and a great disinclination


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