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thymus gland. There Avas hyperplasia of the lymph-glands throughout
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palate forward perhaps, and on palpation it may give a sense of elas-
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purative nephritis through careless catheterizing. Not infrequent-
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a cell-infiltration throughout. From intense, focal cellular infiltration
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Ktiology. — As a jjrimary aff"ection its causes are mainly mechanical
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may be perfectly normal. The average appearance in these cases which
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dulness is increased more laterally than vertically.
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characteristic, however, is the venous hum or bruit de diable — the soft
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physema, chronic endocarditis, chronic endarteritis, pericarditis, bron-
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necessary to move it in fixing im object impresses us with the idea that
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It gives us pleasure to present it without special note, because the
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commencing with a weak solution of the latter (gr. v-3j — 0.324-4.0),
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traumatism or obstruction by gall-stones, is invariably septic in cha-
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much anxiety of mind. It may also excite pericarditis with a fatal
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variety of causes, as rheumatism, acute endocarditis, and pericarditis.
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Dyspepsia. W. S. Penwick. $3.00. W. B. Saunders Co.
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fingers may become black or dark red, covered with blebs, and finally


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