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leprosy may remain absolutely latent ten years or more introduces

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This want of sufficient growth is particularly noticeable

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impaired nutrition with emaciation and where the work

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pustular stages the patient suffers pain and much discomfort from the

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cation as shown by the necessity of enlarging it. Its editorial

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oedema sometimes occur but form no essential part of the picture although

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thyroid enlargements from the great group of goitres. In some cases as

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It was then found that a grumous dark bloody offen

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are associated with an increase of phagocytic activity. Inasmuch as

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Whereas Throughout his concurrently held terms of office

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carcinoma from the tail of the pancreas. Nine cases collected by

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if it disappears with or shortly after the fever is accompanied by no

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virus we use. My experience in the use of bovine virus

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possible to differentiate them from the quartan gametes as they

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Weight of largest lithic concretion eleven drachms

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does not understand the etiology unless he has been able to fol

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gradually rises even above the normal. The curve corresponds to that

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I will not now attempt to pursue these questions throughout all their

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per cent of the cases. In commenting on these and other cases

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scraped and sprinkled with a ten per cent solution of chlorinated

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shall not consider here the affections of the pharynx which occur in the

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boiler room provides a most excellent place for the work of the forge

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To obtain the germs for protective inoculation the following

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mon silver prob or small bougie might overcome the difficulty. If a

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proposition and finally what advantage would isolation have

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