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ing form of Plasmodia produced by intracorpuscular conjuga

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expected to act only against the purely tubensaloaa

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dition that a similar amount should be subscribed. It is

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not unlike the irritations from rheumatism. The secretions from

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Wine either port sherry or Madeira was usually preferable

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improve. The sores on the eyelid and ear almost healed but that on

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active perspiration the physician employs the usual means

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The usefulness of instruments for the dilatation of the uterus

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In addition to all the symptoms that have been enumerated there

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manifested continues in the future as in the past its powers

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and insensibility supervene and continue so long as the pres

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crystalized and in firmer control of us than it was in the

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White s article already referred to th second thinl and

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made a depression for itself in the region of the inferior

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bindened heart has been relieved by the abstraction

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edly unfavorable influence upon the nervous symptoms so

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the cutaneous muscular and osteomedullary network of the limb and


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