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many times exceedingly difficult the liability to error is apparent. Experi
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of simple pleuro pneumonia which showed all the marbled post mortem
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vious to the injury and they had noticed no swelling
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more generally meets the requirements of the military surgeon than
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hour of slow steady running. All exercises especially if large groups of
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numerous pathological observations and of many experiments is that in
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possible determination of their source difficult and mis
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with especial consideration of the role that the lower animals play in
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doubt. Iodine vapour has been administered with advantage in
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exercised by the physician as to the precise mode of management
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often dislocated by a large liquid effusion into the
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quently subjected to the crucible of experiment and its biological
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origo of diseases of the skin was erroneous that the
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uterus is the seat of a myoma the tubes and ovaries are
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face of the close resemblances between these growths in different
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Talamon Netter Baute Weichselbaum Babinsky and many others.
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teriology and in the next few years he established the
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not begotten out of froth and foam. Any medical enterprise
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in the language of Holy Writ ave no fellowship with the
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to deprecate the use of all greasy and of most mucilaginous applications
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hold overs and one new worker and in there were three hold
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with the great plague diseases from traveling at all but it permits
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the irritability of the stomach. When the object is simply to slake
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for obtaining the information required. The practical
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Beekeeping offers a counter irritant. Easy to learn small
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typical carcinomatous area in the shaft of the bone. Stover
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congestion. Circumscribed swellings are not infrequent in some of the
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Dr. Sturges divides his book into eleven sections and includes


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