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In this connection, however, it is important to take

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campaign of education on the line -of providing municipal

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Inspection and palpation marked bulging was found ; this seemed

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Dartmouth College. — Dr. Oliver Holmes has recently been elected to the

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of sense, together with the nutritive organs contained within the trunk of

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he considered the plan one of the most important ever

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typical case is reported in detail in this communication, in

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Case 15. — A. B. S., a pharmacist, died after a protracted

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pox a strict and rigid quarantine of the persons affected or

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child was alive from the beginning of labour till the reception of the injury.

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to concussion of air killing an animal, I have had no evidence of such a

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healthy. On two occasions the ankles have become swollen; they are not

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rarely valid, and it will generally be found, that the same disinclination —

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16; school children, 16: tailors, 15; sailors, 14; painters, 13:

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ties but have not yet been sufliciently tested. Sweet spirits of

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natural amputation, as it were, is explained as follows :

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who have always reasoned as if I and others had denied the possibility and

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minute till breathing took place, when it became so frequent that it could

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operation, in consequence of which the uterine contractions were suspended.

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In the evening he was more feeble and short breathed. Abdominal

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The mucous secretion gradually becomes firmer, and forms a mould of the

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sue, the vessels, and the ureters as well as the pelvis

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always ready at hand, in well-stoppered glass bottles, so as to be able to

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ative measures^ from an advancement of the tubercular

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scribed the case of an unmarried woman, aged 23, who had

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manner traction is made upon the inner area of the cer-

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splint. It thus permits of massage, to the importance


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