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It is with reluctance that we take leave of the organization and

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meetings of the various State and national medical so


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If as Senftleben first pointed out the centre of the cornea of a

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being placed over the opening. If of great length these

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pain. Within the next twenty days after leaving the

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wire eurette would detaeh and remove the deciduous membrane

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years in bacteriological knowledge and in the patholo

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acts accordingly turning over the case to A on his return. In each

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or suspected fracture should not fail to search for evidences of

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eyes and owing to the confusion which is common among the

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to the mixture containing the yellow dock the dose of whicli was

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of hemorrhage occur in and around the swollen patches

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He had two epileptiform fits each of which lasted about ten minutes.

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the digestive organs than to restore muscular energy the food

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Woch. draws attention to the importance collective diagnosis rather

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in those whose skin has been exposed to some chronic irritation such

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births and deaths and midwives to report all births under a

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work a full review is given by Vierordt. A defect of the interventricular

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to. Urine ounces to ounces. No oeneficial effect seen

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Thirty second viz. Cattaraugus and Cliautauqua coun

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coccus influenza bacillus and various rare bacteria the microorganisms


exactly to the distribution of the supraorbital nerve. In this region there

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cautery avoiding the veins. Then apply boric acid ointment

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rious modifications of disease have thrown great light both on

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hand.. The fine metal tube is straight but if it be deemed

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very best staff any president could ever have. Special

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segment of the spinal cord nearly everj convolution of the brain

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mild and recent cases it may be sometimes sufficient for


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