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measure the normal outflow and the insufficiency permits the blood current

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should be substituted for chloroform in all cases but only in those where

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bdd relief the noble characters who stood up to their work in the

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The total loss to the state from poisonous plants no doubt ex

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The second i art of the book deals first with Compara

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lish and Welsh counties the comparative distribution of the

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Wrote to him again but have as yet October received no answer.

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of active inflammation were present. Tlie patient was evi

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the heart had had dropsy of the legs for three months which was

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for the object of this article to show that they con

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general interests whose resistance no doubt had been someAvhat

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drinking icy cold water will be accompanied by two or three evacu

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effects of the new law have been carefully watched and various

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The swelling frequently has a soft boggy feeling and there is commonly

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cine and the Medical Society of the County of New York have

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He constantly evaded the question but was very cordial

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Hughes Dr. remarks on report of committee on intelligence and education

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lants were administered with heaters and the foot of

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tent type shall simplify those cases which may not be

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It is somewhat singular as was remarked in the preliminary

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The larynx at this time is placed behind the ascending portion

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which is likely to tranquilize the uninformed physician and above

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Wiuckel s Obstetrics several years ago. He was one of the

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battery of at least thirty elements and of a constant de

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the demand and prevent waste. If warm and rarefied the appetite

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Previous Occvpation Student self supporting. Unable

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It will be remembered that the labyrinth derives its blood supply

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thought that it is as a member of an International Medical Congress

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of narcotic or other powers MCXV. rendering the nervous

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nine Arseniate of iron Bromated camphor Hyosciamine

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proper density. Commercial collodions vary considerably in density

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feeble pulse. Give arnica externally and internally once in an hour or

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