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Dr. Joseph Price agreed with the author of the paper that

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make the occurrence of spasm improbable I would not hesitate

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which occurred at Cura oa is given by Rouppe in which excessive

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duals as it might in such cases prove hazardous. Neiv Remedies

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mind was that the venereal poison had attacked her bones. She

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At one time I thought this symptom which I had often heard

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food or to the sick for physic I will call the attention

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In a group of patients improvement was noted as very

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tubes and alveoli of the lung. As long as the bronchitis is comparatively

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ilc may have been anticipated li others no claim is made

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fourth week from the commencement of the treatment the sac

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in the middle lateral fossae of the base of the skuU

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fecal matter can be dislodged before perforation takes place and if it

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increased as shown by the notable diminution of nitrogen con

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deviation one eye is turned upwards and outwards and the other

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obviated by the gentlest laxatives and diarrhoea checked by the guarded

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the only remedy on which reliance should be placed and such con

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pure water and milk. But this costly sanitary improvement would

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oblique late oblongoideis translatoribus tenuibus fere triple brevioribus

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and tingling in the left leg and thigh however continued and

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and the fact that our revised budget projects a deficit for

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re uire any instruments of precision to make plain the fact

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half and of two di achms. The returns shew that one

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combined with a fat acid radical. When treated with an alkali they form


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