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after giving its adhesion to the treaty is the establishment of a

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the date of death of the departed whom they commemorate. Suppose that

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of the steamer England at Halifax Forty passengers one account

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phatic fertilizers on pastures or meadows. Mix equally bone meal

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Liver large congested fairly firm without the presence of

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body and is both General and Descriptive Comparative and Morbid.

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This is a wheezing whistling or hoarse rasping sound

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sleeps or the side held against the mother while nursing. The

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weak and feeble but these conditions are difficult to diagnose

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produce pathological conditions that require attention. The strictest care

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other words cannot precede gigantism but always occurs as gigantism which

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of the intestine occurring in the practice of American sur

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believe General B. to have had abscess of the liver.

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albuminuria as a symptom has undoubtedly diminished

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physis the elbow could be distinctly felt. The relation of the head

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mus business from the beginning and for many years has demonstrated

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of intermission or perfect apyrexia or total absence of fever.

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the advantage of gravitation and that the jar of walking might

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and general were sent to the Royal. The paper of Hunter was

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mortem examination in the mortuary in Vienna. For more than ten

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this trouble. Both refractive and muscular errors may

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Clinical Cases. The PRESIDENT then said that rather than deliver


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