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occasion for any special anxiety as to the possible effects of the medi-
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rheumatism, 1 — tumor (stomach), 1 — unknown, 5 — whooping cough, 1.
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tion and loosely knotted together until the time arrives for finally
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jrlaiids. lioncs, «.tc. ; syphilis, of the skin, mucous membrane and pe-
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<i •\-'lopmcnt of the highest typo of human character. We cannot
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to that which experience has found most effectual in the treatment of
mestinon timespan dose
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rebral disturbance, such as nausea, hemicrania, deafness, dizziness,
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second sound in some cases of hypertrophy and dilatation of the
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SCAMMONY.— D., dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). Cats, dr. |-1 (gm. 2.-4.).
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cantharides, each two parts ; corrosive sublimate, one part ;
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Digitalis, 15; alcohol, 100; cinnamon water, 150; boiling water,
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disorders for which belladonna is indicated. In relieving
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a new lunatic asylum to be established at Baltimore, is from Dr. C. A.
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time, as a course of catliartics and cathartic enemata would probably
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2Tth. Symptoms of croup well marked — voice extinct ; cough dry
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There arc two great sources or channels by which the immense sup-
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phite, 1 ; tartaric acid, 12 ; water, 15 ; diluted alcohol and
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aidcled to a quart of milk for use as an enema for a horse.
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in a test tube. The greater the amount of efi"ervescence the
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mild attack of scarlet fever, but escaped tlie Diphtheria. The girl,
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recommended by P. Cagny in dropsy and cerebral disease.
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21 St. — The child's throat is filled with a bloody membranous mat-
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water and syrup in the dose of 0.5-1.0 (7^-15 gr.) for dogs.
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( 3 i-) 5 to foals and calves with mucilage or gruel and 5
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above the external condyle, and about an inch exterior to the anterior
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not produced when the conjunctival membrane is lightly
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noted hast week. A young' woman, aged 21), Selina L., Edgewaro lioad,
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we observe the following symptoms in dogs : The animal
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cal evidence of a normal condition of all the internal organs ; and
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ing," as he says, " more or less stiffness of the muscles of the neck
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Incompatihility. — Vegetable acids, caustic alkalies and
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organized that its removal entire from the body could not be effect-
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