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and Loveberry held autopsy on the dog after its destruction.

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a literal blessing attending its proper use. But Dr. Clowes

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exactly of the same qualities as normally found in the thick cel

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farms in the neighbourhood of Hull where no disease had

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milk he believed that in many cases mothers and nurses were

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heart for minutes every hours with general cold friction

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the opinions of people ranged on hoth sides are based on herd

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from the intestine and to oedema of the periportal connective tissue.

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chani al means for penetrating the uterine cavity to bring on

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Hence it follo gt s that an accurate knowledge of the relative

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carbolic glycerine after the sutures liad been inserted. It is

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of laying hold with his teeth of the manger or a post or

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and elimination of effete materials and various salts chloride of

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pital in the vacancy caused by the resignation of Pro

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We publish in another column a critical letter from Dr. Crombie.

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the chance general distribution of individuals of the various ages

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was primarily in need of close study and his fever after that.

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to the amount of feed consumed by each animal thus ascertain

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were needed families often became eligible for Medicaid

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any nonprofessional person might undertake to treat a certain

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of both bones. Periosteum thickened and infiltrated throughout. Nu

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tions of obstruction or by any other factors which inter

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veterinary art which would have defeated the object

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continuous active exercise. In speaking of respiratory gym

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say Though idiocy may not be essentially a disease yet diseases

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tive views were broad and where other men less gifted in outlook

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of the Hip Joint. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

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amount of uric acid but there are several notable exceptions to this


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