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bevelling as long as possible. If there was a cavity
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sive actions of hysterical patients depend rather upon some state
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majority of bullous eruptions were classed under the heading
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a national campaign of education to arouse the public
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diarrhoea presents itself and he has very frequently seen the most
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case with the first by Councilman Magrath and Brineker
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quent changes in the extravasated blood elements which mark the
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large and carry on the circulation. Three or four months
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Dr. Sands thought that there was never much motion in
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The chronic stage is marked by the subsidence of the acute su ering.
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by Poppert. The author defines the indications for the different
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high level up to about the th day of lactation after which
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going down the trachea if the face is flushed slightly raise the
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lungs bowels liver or kidneys on oxahe acid in the blood
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fever produces His doctrine traces all fever forsooth to
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Cutaneous faradisation had rapid results and before
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the first twenty four hours he considered it much safer to defer
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are enough to justify the enthusiastic regard in which phy
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parallel. On the Atlantic sea board above the th parallel it has
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the tissues through which they paas since they move in straight
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irritative lesion on the side of the brain opposite to the arm affected.
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may cause death by the transmission of the infection from the
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closely covered up with a thick linen cloth. On the i th of
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respiratory surface is greatly decreased. It is perhaps at
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raphy on the basis of the seventh edition of the German
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and compressible at first to become hard and wiry if
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two days later drop the sugars one half per cent and raise
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described namely a local lesion a spread of the disease to the
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ing thereupon they were necessitated to reject all applicants
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