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Bums are divided into the following degrees according to the
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the affected extremities during the existence of rheumatic fever had any i
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ment went on rapidly. On th September sixteen days after the opera
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a very degenerate condition viz. granular and fatty which is favour
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Health Report Typhoid Epidemic. Since the first of the
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ration but these in the living body are so obscure and deceptive
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any free indulgence in the liver of the animal. Mra.
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who have obtained positive blood cultures and stool cultures in typhoids
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a disappearance of the apex beat. Sometimes the apex beat lies
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they should be counseled that it is their bounden duty
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liartholomeVs Hospital during the last years. It was in cases of
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The frictions were continued with renewed vigour but the respiration soon
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have been known according to Seaton to interfere with
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Prognosis. About seventy per cent of the cases of intussusception
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bly fitted to fulfil hia mission of modest devotion for him under
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three times a day this condition continuing for fifteen days at
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while the females pass onward into the caecum where
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improvement in the condition of patients may still be
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pursued so the arrangement be simple and natural but we certainly see
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which he treats and who has qualified himself for his task by a
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recommend the use of cold water insist that just before put
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placed yet in the disease before us the change is seldom seen
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fying himself that the discharge was properly made out he first
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have a playground. To every two hundred children there
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Bleeding was profuse but not arterial. Another contused wound was seen above and
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Effect of Modem School Methods on the Health of the Teacher.
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ous antiphlogistic methods of treatment are in vogue.
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