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pigmentation assumed this form. Phthiriasis of long-standing may

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dose necessary to keep the patient well when the symptoms of the

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liquid food. Its presence may be readily determined by passing an

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identified by the ladies attacked. Though outrages so pur-

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same insects, because tsetse flies have been found embedded in the

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quire time to correct. Any diarrhea, for example, whatever its orig-

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But the chief element in the complaint is the profuse diarrhea.

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Bacterinuria. — The commonest examples of these conditions of the

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region to be explored. When, for example, necrosis is pre-

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appearances in various cases, many of which are no doubt of

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plaint, but whose stools show the presence of the bacillus. There is

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It did not subside until the advent of the miider weather

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taken, and it has been suggested that reducing agents in the^

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law, only daughter of Jehu Whitelaw, Esq., of Moston Terrace, Edin-

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quickly fatal to yoimg dogs, while old dogs are but little affected by this

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D.B. writes : The system of Scotch criminal procedure may be immensely

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sheep, and shortly afterward it was discovered by Dr. Hector Mac-

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These figures are very significant, showing 8S they do the

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followed by douching of the abdomen by means of large sponges filled

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trolled mainly by the presence or absence of cystitis, and by

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in fact, are composed chiefly of pure uric add, and the conditions of

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neys as such. We should not expect the kidneys to be always affected

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business, obliges me to think that that busina^s may possibly he what

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three towns ; 651 small-pox patients were under treatment in the Metro-

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new growth proceeds from the connective-tissue capsular investment

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Buzzard ; and E J. Smyth, of New Barnet. ,'?nrgm/ : Gold Medal, J. Le

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sudden rising or even while walking. In such cases the arteries are to

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by other writers. Finally, many of the points already referred

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sided, but ordinarily it constitutes one of the most annoying accompani-

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people to this complaint. Farmers also all over the northern states

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or pharmacien of the first class, they be summoned to

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of the dementia paralytica or the general paralysis of the insane. The

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