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cation of the tampon was continued for a fortnight when the menses
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Cambridge Mass. abstract A Brief SpUnt Technology for Surgeons
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Cerebral meningitis and dj sentery have often been observed to exist
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fore possible to read the whole volume through without ac
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suture of ruptured upper plexus elements. Because surgical
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received thirty injections she was discharged on November
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as glaucoma at all until the discovery of the ophthalmo
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organism Chiavaro says was found by ProAvazek in in carious
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as this drainage might be the better procedure rather
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transmitted to the Chairmen of the Senate and Assembly
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of every element of the dream whether it is to be regarded as
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hausted and forgetting its normal timidity will at
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the colour of Chariclea the white daughter of the black king and
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and were discharged with chronic albuminuria after six months treat
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if any tenderness of the right side exists bhster it with
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cal illustration. s passed on but with no marked sign of in
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i of a grain at a dose ordinarily in combination with com
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different nutritive constituents of food the fats and carbohydrates are the
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causes of middle ear catarrh. These local intra nasal factors
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to. Urine ounces to ounces. No oeneficial effect seen
promethazine with codeine syrup side effects
the erythrocytes. It is approximately composed of ninety six per
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shall hereafter notice. I have not been able to learn that this
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but the result was not decisive as the section merely showed
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ticularly amusing and full of good practical stuff. They
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Monteith a surgeon of high reputation and the Corporation of Sur
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tee to consider the suggestions of the President with
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the absence of colloid almost all trace of glandular arrangement
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from carefully watching the results of those operations he
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present edition of Funke s work. The chapters on the Circula
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