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Three forms of tonic spasm are seen retraction of the head opisthotonos

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of the intellectual powors in scrophulous crsons. Again scrophulous

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appearance on both feel which were icy cold to the touch became

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granules. The older writers mentioned many symptoms under this

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in cattle and may give rise to the same urinary troubles as

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Activity of the alae nasi may be seen in many other conditions but

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hours in the discrete cases when the pustules rapidly

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He says The constitutional disturbance which they produce the

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matrons and medical men had given their evidence upon this

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result of a local paralysis of the muscles of the soft palate but

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not be reckoned as distinct senses since they are in one group and

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Barium. Bartholow says of barium in his Materia Medica in

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fit the individual needs. Activity is of course the most obvious vari

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middle of last century. Up till then it was generally held that

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cases. Infection about the teeth and in the tonsils and accessory nasal

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was emanating from the affected. Again there were fevers which

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sessed a large and highly polished emerald very probably of unequal cur

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T am strongly in favor of removing the middle turbi.

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of the electric response of muscle in the single twitch. Ibid.


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regeneration of the nerve fibre in the spinal cord when de

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gaged in revising the Official Register of Physicians

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undertaken while on a drug since many drugs are excreted in milk

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sion on Epidemics of the Academy of Medicine the best that was

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abundance of some fortunate man. The rich are trustees of wealth their

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thoughtful study. Monsieur Rendu whose valuable con

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frequency. In that case the constriction attendant on fever

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financial success than chronic affections of different members or organs of the

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to find out if I had any inkling of his point when Whitman

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for beginners in obstetric practice presupposing a thorough course of

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ally matter is discharged from the penis hind legs trembling belly about

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of the corresponding nervous centre or the converse. And although

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plete effect. The treatment consists in pouring between the toes

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