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Does he present in addition to the cardiac symptoms other sjnnptoms of

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and the tube gently but evenly withdrawn. Momentary obstruction may be

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any definite conclusion as to its nature Not in the present

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case of other muscles grasp the biceps on the arm and it will

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a stricture or an impacted Stone and sometimes leading to hydronephrosis

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especially of the urine. This is seen more especially in the

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of the animal functions which according to our author enables per

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or else to die. Several were bad alcoholics two were of unsound

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combined with red colouring matter uroerythrin. M. L Heritier

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the building up of tissue. Each finds in the other organic

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part of shaft of tibia with thickening of the periosteum. Fairly

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The nutrition should be maintained at the highest possible level and

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an inch in diameter and the surgeon substituted one having a

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Before entering the sick room the physician should put on a gown or

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No hospital is properly equipped to take care of pa

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the point of practice being never to charge the air

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I intend by this means to express in separate articles ray opinions as

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tics and the morbidity and weather reports furnish data which

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high functioning was approximately the same at all time

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about lead and has developed this numbness within the past three

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straight bistoury passed along the finger the blade

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tis pneumonia enteritis hepatitis conjunctivitis phrenitis

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tuberculosis following enteric fever in a lad of seventeen which for a

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The consideration of the subject of diseases of the heart at this time

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Continued irritation of some one of the genital organs

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which the devotion of a long life to sanitary science even

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