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possibly the involuntary muscular fibres in the vessel walls.

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enter the circulation and after amputation has been per

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results of transillumination are the same as those of X rays

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ceptible to this disease and the small native houses

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to adopt those medicines and that system of practice which are both safe

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order to master the skills of the physician. Once mastered

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ed why do they mention desperate cases of consumption scrofula affec

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tramps whose story is too often exaggerated and unreliable.

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take the route of the cervical portion of the chord pass through

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be pursued in certain rare cases we come to our second

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the existence of the inflammatory process dly The disappearance of

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answer was None. The simple fact was that the great man

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nearly all the muscles of the trunk and of the upper

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This may continue for a day or two sometimes even for

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societiefi which it must be admitted meet the personal needs of many

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comparison. I think it ought to be five years rather than

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can then be so focused. Hence it is at once apparent that

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certain parasites notably Anchylostomum duodenale and Distomum

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lesion. The left ventricle was markedly hypertrophied and

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School of Johns Hopkins University opened on October

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than for extracting the superior teeth. The operator

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forgotten that this conception at present is merely an hypothesis and

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important. A dietary suited to the patient s general and dyscrasic

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and often constant explosive cough dry and at times painful.

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me that we should suspend any decision in the mean

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surrounding the vesicle. The temperature in these cases is usually

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sheep was diseased at the time it was brought into their district.

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been emptied. Ordinarily the vomiting of stercoraceous

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The excito motory functions seemed also paralysed Tickling the

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Enemas of cold water are also useful to relieve the con

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local depletion and counter irritation. Oftentimes in these cases

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pigmentation with superficial scaling. The pigmentation may persist for weeks.

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is thickly covered with a gray or yellowish coat and in severe cases


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