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charged with organic matter and bacterial ferments.

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At my clinics I have often had the opportunity of showing

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impression to the cord which was thence reflected to the muscles.

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Diseases of the Brain. In hemiplegia the hand and foot of the paralyzed

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in the urine suggesting perverted metabolism and intestinal putrefaction.

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the extremities. Mercury iodide of potassium and quinine are useless

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sianter the tendency to the production of an increased quantity of fibrin.

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constitutional remedies as may be indicated. Says that the

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of administering large doses at long intervals when either of

prednisone for dogs side effects urine

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Missouri. St. Louis is receiving her primary lessons in deal

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We have to ask the indulgence of several contributors whose communica

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dressing apply cold to the head. Open tlie jugular and bleed in

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gradually that the individual scarcely realizes how much he has cut into his

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education. That these needs are not visionary may be seen from

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measles. It most commonly appears in those patients who have what is

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children there may be defective resonance at the bases from scattered

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had completely subsided in the aneurism and a very fine steel needle

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