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and afterwards warmly clothed. When the surface of the body
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nected with tlie respiratory centre but is not identical
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without these symptoms the patient suddenly falls unconscious the
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of preserving the health of their men heavy losses in battle and by
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free by means of fasting and strychnine spasms. He then
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John Michael Lang M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Gynecology
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tional system of the country though as a piece of educational machinery
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the standard for normals. It is generally conceded that normal
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in the management of this affection. Yet acute tetanus may be
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away of blood from the congested parts and at the same time to
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that but some men believe that mechanical interference with
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of recent pericarditis. About half a pint of serum has
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the smooth articular surface. Sometimes the difficulty of extrac
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progeny of the parent have characteristics of mind like those
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once as the cause of the trouble. This is of special
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charged. Ordered his medicines and nourishment to be con
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after intravenous injection whether this was due to specific anti
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most common cause of the intrinsic is gastric ulcer. The
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Fine dalliance with woman s beauty will have its echo and thus again
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found as a rule to be diminished to a greater extent than the
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which sooner or later will involve death will entail a depression of mind
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irrigation lowered the temperature in ordinary surgical cases
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Originally a farrier he entered the army in and served twelve years. In
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serve to show what may rationally be expected from it as a
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albuminuria and general signs of arteriosclerosis certain varia
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deaths from puerperal fever and from other causes. This
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occur in apical pneumonia than when the lower lobes are involved
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population which is estimated at. The lowest rate was re
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CULION Merrill Decend er. Luzon Province of Isalnda U r
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fact that the left heel is elevated above the right heel


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