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the vagus and in the fact that a secretion incited by peripheral

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magnified. Now looking through the instrument with one eye we

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the chorionic villi areas of necrosis and tubercles in the placenta have been

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negative reactions free from active manifestations of the dis

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cavity are so perfectly under the control of the surgeon as when

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ter how thoroughgoing is not sufficient to estabhsh the fact

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inal route can hardly offset its palpable disadvantages.

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The United States Congress is now considering a bill to make

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tried but this produced symptoms so severe as to compel me

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contesting parties were manifestly wrong. It is clear then that no

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These various degenerations given in order of importance all

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areas on plates are due to pneumothorax even when they do not show

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surgical work. In this connection we may congratulate ourselves

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advisable to print it. Furthermore we question very much

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Urine may be passed in excess or in diminished amount or it may

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presents also a series of states of excitability or at least dil

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ment and except for complaint of pain iu the loins is in

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neither here nor elsewhere was the paralysis accompanied by any

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disease and was admitted to the hospital for a recurrence of the

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Fenix October. All the above were distributed as Abelmoschus moschatns

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duals of the highest authority namely that apprentices when

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It is obvious tbat all articles used in grooming should be

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Since that time the proceedings have been published in the Montreal

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instances the joint had previously been injured. The condition

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if he were placed in densely populated cities. It is

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ducing the green color is not yet known hut it is dissimilar to

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Now however as the report of the Rotunda Hospital for last year will

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confounded with the smell from urine being passed in bed. It

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there were showing an increase of one half in the accommoda

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and contained in the bacterial cells others assumed that this poison is not

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Just as Taussig neared the ropes Emmons the Harvard

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Objection may be rawed that one butcher does not care to be

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Presidents of the College. At the same meeting of the Council Mr.

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years of age and the tumor has been gradually increasing for twenty

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