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We are glad to learn that the question of establ ishing a Conjoint
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alcohol and carbonic acid is not a vital act done by the yeast-plant —
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and Caterham, will very soon be ready for the admission of patients.
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Council, or Branch Councils, that such Certificates are equivalent to
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of the University of Edinburgh. Those of the other three Universities
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Director-General of the Medical Department of the Navy ; Dr. Mapother, Dublin :
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TooNE, W. H., Esq., to Ann Henton, only daughter of ^Charles W. Wood, Esq.,
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child by the forceps, in a case of inertia of the uterus. He thought
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cluded under this heading. Six years after Mr. Griffin made this state-
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there would be in the transmission of an impulse through a long India-
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with the Secretary to the College not less than eight days before the
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tions which had arisen in consequence of the displacement. The Aus-
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nected with debilitating causes is no more than we can expect, as, the more
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