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tension about the right hypochondrium. Actual pain is rare but

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these cases are preventable or curable it becomes the

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in dogs the lesions found on examination are of many kinds

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paroxysm. These are fulfilled if the pulse is hard full or tense

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putrifaction under the influence of warmth and moisture. Then

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of the aggregate causes of death. Tuberculosis reaches

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in a dark room. Three images of the taper are reflected

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ducing sleep and relieving pain in an extraordinary manner. It

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and extensors of the leg on the thigh and the flexors of the

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ward and some in private rooms. Most of them had been drunk

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benefit but on the contrary while the local disease was making pro

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gastroenteritis with streptococci producing intestinal ulcers and gen

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mained until morning before he would permit them to

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who had suffered from it in Egypt and in the Mediterranean.

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increased in size at first but atrophy afterward takes place to a sufficient

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two had recourse to resection five were fully cured one after necro

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morbidity however has not kept pace with their growth.

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of the heart and kidneys and coats of the bloodvessels and the

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place to soft warm bran mashes and finally to hay and

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General asthenia is often marked and persistent. Under these cir

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administration of comparatively large doses of char

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that

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on the anterior part of the abdomen should be kept motionless while the

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reasons the fu st of which is the absolute failure of medical treatment

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often unconsciously disseminate the microorganisms for the next epi


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